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Our Mission

Construction Engineering Consultants is a corporation formed by individuals who are passionate about the study of the arts and sciences related to engineering and construction practices. We seek to provide a variety of advisory services to clients in need of design, construction and engineering knowledge and expertise in order to prevent, solve, and investigate problems and create enduring collaborative relationships with our clients.

Our Vision

We will be known nationally as outstanding practitioners of our key competencies. We will broaden our array of services and become a full-service, one-stop shop where appropriate for our clients. We will be held in high esteem by those we serve.


Our Values

  • Inform others of acceptable engineering practices

  • Adhere to the rigorous practice of engineering

  • Building lasting relationships with clients

  • Do not compromise values

  • Loyalty

We Will Strive For:

  • CONSISTENCY: Remain consistent on our judgments, conclusions, and findings.

  • RIGOR: Adhere to rigorous engineering practice.

  • LOYALTY: Exhibit loyalty to our clients and to one another.

  • EXPECTATIONS: Meet the expectations of our clients.

  • COMMUNICATION: Practice open and regular communication with our clients and within our organization.

Construction Engineering Consultants | 610 S Gay Street | Knoxville, TN 37902 | Office: 865.566.0309 | Fax: 865.521.8332
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